Cellulite Treatment


Acoustic shock therapy against cellulite

Cellulite does not cause pain, but is a problem of the female beauty

Cellulite TreatmentCellulite is an accumulation of waste products, water and fat in the subcutaneous cell layer. With the expansion, it presses the blood and lymph vessels. Fat droplets are accumulated in the cell and harden its walls. Within the skin cells cannot reach sufficient nutrients carried by the blood. Therefore, the skin loses flexibility, and on the surface occurs roughness, resembling orange peel. Unevenness due to reduced elasticity and strength of the connective tissue fibers between the fat cells. Causes that can lead to weakness of the connective tissue, are numerous. As a main reason experts indicate poor blood microcirculation. Another reason is the accumulation of free radicals in the skin, which causes oxidation of the collagen fibers and loss of their flexibility. All is influenced by hormonal imbalance, poor nutrition, age, smoking, alcohol, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, sudden changes in weight.

What is Shockwave therapy and how does it work?

This is one of the safest and most effective technologies in the removal of cellulite and reducing the volume of thighs, buttocks, abdomen. It is founded on the effects of acoustic waves, also known as shock or impact. In fact these are sound waves that transmit powerful energy pulse to tissues without damaging them. Acoustic waves cause mechanical massage by disrupting the formed fibrous walls of fat stores. At the same time improving blood circulation, increasing the permeability of cell membranes, activating the metabolism in cells, improving the delivery of oxygen, stimulating microcirculation and lymphatic drainage. Also eliminating the held in stortes fats, toxins and water. As a result of these processes is activated the establishment of collagen fiber and is resumed the growth of the dermal connective tissue. The skin becomes elastic and tight, bumps are smoothed, swelling disappeasr.

How does one procedure pass and when is the effect visible?

The procedures are painless and relaxing. Effect could be observed even after the second treatment, but 8 to 10 procedures are needed in order to obtain the sought result. Before and after the therapy is required to take more water, which activates the elimination of toxins from the cells.

What are the benefits of the therapy with acoustic waves?

The method is non-invasive, therefore immediately after treatment the patient can undertake his/her normal duties.

There are no side effects, no risk of allergic reactions.