Benign Skin Lesion Removal

The most common among benign skin growths are benign moles (melanocytic naevus), fibroids, papillomas, condylomata. Are they harmless? Can they degenerate? Despite progress, medicine has still no detailed responses to the emergence of tumor formations.

The main reason for the spread of skin cancer is the uncontrolled exposure to sunlight and UV radiation (tanning), emphasizes Dr. Magdalina Gyurova, who has defended her doctoral thesis in the field of Dermato Oncology. Should not be underestimated some other environmental factors (chemicals, chronic inflammation, some viruses) as well as the individual characteristics - light skin, a tendency to burn easily etc.

After a thorough review, implementation of dermatoscopy and, if necessary, histological examination, will be recommended and carried out the most appropriate removal method:

  • surgical excision
  • laser treatment
  • electrocoagulation
  • cryotherapy or chemical destruction

The choice of treatment depends on both the type of entity and the possibility of obtaining subtle and inconspicuous postoperative scar.