Modern laser removes all tattoos

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The state of the art technology for removing all pigment spots and tattoos of any color is already working in Dermaplus Medical Center.

The system, which is the only one so far in Bulgaria is a part of Q-Switched lasers family and

a unique combination of two lasers that work with 3 wavelengths.

This provides the best impact and the high efficiency in the removal of all colors in tattoos: dark - black, brown, gray, dark blue, to green and red colors that were previously impractical to remove. The modern laser system is the only one that completely erases unpleasant pigmentation appearing on the skin of the face and body because of pregnancy, advanced age, medications, overexposure to sun and more.inner pic tattoo

The main feature of the Q-Switched is the use of extremely short but intense pulses of light. Therefore, the mechanism of action is called photoacustic or electromechanical. The individual components of the tissue (water, hemoglobin, melanin and other pigments) absorb light selectively depending on the wavelength. That allowed by selecting the appropriate wavelength to seek the necessary effect of laser treatment. In the process of removal of tattoos the aim is the destruction of ink with which they are made, while in the treatment of pigmentation spots impact is directed to reducing the content of melanin. In Q-Switched the radiation is such that the pigments absorb impulses much stronger than the adjacent elements of the skin. In the process of absorption of laser pulses

the dye grains are broken down into microscopic particles

and removed from the body naturally.

The appropriate size of the laser spot is another factor that determines the effect of inner pic petnathe treatment. The larger spot allows at the same time to process a larger surface. An advantage of this laser is that the laser spot is square, which allows the energy of the pulses to be distributed evenly. This ensures

the safety and effectiveness of therapy.

In the use of Q-Switched Laser wavelength and intensity of the laser flow are the parameters that must be adjusted to achieve the desired effect. Refine them depending on the color and depth of pigment depends on the skills and expertise of specialists in aesthetic medicine.